May 05, 2021
Supermarket chain in Afrika

Today we would like to put a special project in the (literal) spotlight, namely a supermarket chain in Africa. Distance does not stop us from creating the perfect atmosphere through lighting.

May 05, 2021
First Rituals XL-store in Haarlem

Rituals is one of our retail clients for whom we have developed a lighting concept with passion. The first Rituals XL store was opened in the centre of Haarlem! This is the largest Rituals shop ever (298 m2 ) and a ‘premium’ shop. This means that in addition to the delicious bath and shower products […]

May 05, 2021
Cotton Club

Already familiar with the Cotton Club concept of The Sting? Cotton Club is a women’s fashion label and the collection consists of basics like t-shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and jumpers in warm and soft tones, all with a ‘cotton’ feeling. A new branch opened last spring on the Grote Markt in the centre of Den […]

May 05, 2021
BIEN store

Already familiar with BIEN store in Heemstede? This attractive and trendy shop sells clothing and jewellery for women and is located in the centre of Heemstede. Lichtplanners not only takes care of large retail clients, but also the lighting of smaller entrepreneurs. Thus, we have also designed a suitable concept for BIEN store with great […]

May 05, 2021

For one of our customers, we reused the lighting from a closed branch in one of their new branches. We made the fittings dust-free, replaced the light sources and mounted the repainted frames. On the left-hand side of the trolley, they are ready for dispatch, as good as new!

May 05, 2021
Nelson Utrecht

Light can do a lot for your shop’s turnover. A different arrangement and application of light sources in your shop can create a turnover-boosting atmosphere. Product and accent lighting is one of our specialities in addition to mood lighting. The shop is like a theatre, where your products play the leading role. The right accent […]

May 05, 2021

We have refurbished 3 Hema’s again; Ridderkerk, Leerdam and Zierikzee. The lighting is completely up to date again and the energy consumption is down. All the old light sources have been replaced by energy-efficient LED spots! Truly Hema!

May 05, 2021
We keep on working!

Even in these troubled times, we are there for our customers. We work hard, from a safe distance, to provide their new branches with perfect lighting. Here on the photo you can see the new premium branch of Nelson in Groningen.

Optimal lighting increases turnover!

Experience has shown that the right lighting leads to a considerably higher turnover. Lighting creates atmosphere and character. When it is optimal, your traffic will increase and the average visiting time of your customers will rise. Want to know what we can do for your business? Then contact us now.

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