Working method


After the installer has connected the lighting, we come and adjust and direct the lighting manually just before opening. This way, your products are shown to their best advantage. This is for the benefit of the most optimal conversion and appearance.

Product selection

We will find the most suitable lighting solution to suit your needs and concept. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market, we buy at the best price-quality ratio.


We collaborate closely with architects, project management companies and installers to deliver exactly on schedule. Our stocks and well-oiled logistics process make us highly efficient and flexible.

Lighting plan

Once your wishes are known, our designers will create an optimal lighting plan, applied to your space and products. We always take into account your intended concept and appearance.

Light affects the way people feel, act and buy.

Light appeals to our senses. Light affects our mood. Light creates clarity and atmosphere.

Optimal lighting increases turnover!

Experience has shown that the right lighting leads to a considerably higher turnover. Lighting creates atmosphere and character. When it is optimal, your traffic will increase and the average visiting time of your customers will rise. Want to know what we can do for your business? Then contact us now.

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